Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oregon Coasting

Today we went to my sister's all-time favorite Oregon coast spot: Cape Kiwanda. Doesn't the name alone make you want to book a week there already?

This is the best time of year to go to the coast. The bulk of the pushy tourists with questionable driving etiquette have fled back to their homes, or parked their RVs or what have you. The weather is often lovely (it was warm and sunny today!) and even when it's not the fall storms are neat to watch.

If you go to the coast, check out Pelican Pub and Brewery. The fish and chips is awesome, and everything else looks great. The waitresses have a low turnover rate and seem to know everybody. AND! They have a big line-up of award-winning beer. Once I'm done with this pregnancy, I will bop right on over there and have a tall cold Tsunami Stout. Mmmmmmnnn.

This was the view from the brewery today, but with more brave dry-suited surfers.

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