Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hunting and gathering

We're deep into adoption preparation. I accidentally spent the bulk of the last two days dragging the boys around doing errands to complete our packing list.

At the start of the day, brothers.
Today we braved Goodwill, looking for books they can take to Grandma's house while we're gone and for cute things for our daughter.
We were successful at Goodwill.

The register malfunctioned, inputting the SKU number rather than the dollar amount. I was kinda impressed that Toby figured that out just by glancing at the back of the book we were buying. I'm slowly catching on that you have to find the humor in all these little things in adoption. Doing it in day to day life is good practice for me as a parent and for them as my kids.

The total for the things I could thoroughly justify buying for our trip.

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