Saturday, February 14, 2015

Be Mine

This morning I heard Jim Gaffigan say that if you need Valentines day as a reminder to be loving to somebody then you're probably not doing a very good job. Too true, my fluorescent white compatriot, but I was surprised how much I liked today.

Tonight has been a hard-won rest after the days in the hospital with Primrose. She is recovering really well but most of the experience was awful. Turns out she has some unusual sensitivities to medications. Her spine, however, seems to be in good shape now. It's hard to keep her chilled out and maintain the recommended mix of painkillers and antibiotics but tomorrow is day four post-op and we move into a more free phase in terms of letting her run around.

This is before the meds made her lose her mind (literally) and her Dino is still helping the nurses take her vitals.
Here are my Valentine dates. We brought home Indian takeout after a brief romp around Target. (Don't be jealous, we know how to party.) Primrose was AMPED. During dinner we tried to have a conversation about what we would ask Shostakovich if we had an hour with him. However, our spicy little bit was saying, "Mama. MOMMY! Mom. Mama. Mama. MOMMY! Mom." with more exclamations, volume and a demanding abruptness than is impossible to ignore.

After feeling a considerable amount of guilt over going back to work this morning, I came home to this guy. He not only spends his time with his family, he does it willingly even when he'd rather not (and in truth, at some point no matter how great your life is you would rather not do it that day, right?). He lets me... no, he encourages me to take any work I want. He does that even though working can make me both intense and cranky and even though it makes him busy in the hours he would like to be free. He sacrifices, and he even sometimes enjoys it.

That is love.

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