Thursday, March 08, 2007


I'm holding on to my upswing so far. Yesterday I didn't get as much done (really no good reason there, except that I took a huge nap) but when bedtime came I didn't mind myself.


After writing the incredibly well-crafted fascinating post above, I drove to Salem to practice and schmooze with 50% of Toby's genetic donors. First I had a locked-in keys false alarm involving my gnat-sized short term memory and the hood of my car, but it all worked out I suppose. I kept saying, "I just HAD them in my hand," to J who was about to drive home from work and to my parents who were going to drive an hour and a half round trip just to make sure I hadn't forgotten the Toby, too.

So today I've left him and his snot (geeze, the little guys sure can produce in quantity) in their doting hands and am back in Portland for a lesson with another more high-profile local violist. I realized as I prepared to practice that this is the first time I have been alone in our house. Since moving here. Ever.

It's pretty quiet.

Look how much his hair has grown. How am I supposed to cut it? It's so cute when it curls up. Maybe I should just buy some baby gell and give him a gericurl.

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