Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Violence, Electrocution and Illegal Explosions

My husband is a winner, I've got proof!

He called the local AM(4-7 everyday!) talk show, answered two questions about the week's news and voila! we get free movie tickets and a dvd of Mel Gibson's Apocalypto. I've heard it's incredibly graphic, so I'll make J watch first. I'm still completely pissed off that I saw Pan's Labyrinth. That director is a talented jerk. How do you say jerk in Espanol? Sadly, I know how to say slightly worse, but would rather not... anyway there's violence and then there's gratuitous self indulgence. Jerk.

We're heading to Aumsville for the 4th so we can set off our Washington State approved fireworks without worry of setting the rest of the townhomes on fire or getting arrested or something. Oh yeah, baby, we're wild.

Also, we have to make sure all the cows are still incarcerated at Casa del Heifers in Heat. I sure hope they are respecting the newly electrified fence, because what am I going to do, play a merry tune to lure them back in?

To my American contingent I say, Happy Fourth!

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