Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Dollhouse Score!

Subtitle of truth: I have a girl now!
Subtitle of truth part two: Isaac wins for kid most excited about this project, so what was I waiting for, anyway?

I have decided I am indeed the kind of person who would make a dollhouse including tiny funky things to go inside. It will be fun to make little versions of the things I'd like to put in an actual house. A good placeholder project is helpful when you're trying to be patient.

We stopped by the "Dig 'n Save" Goodwill. This place is not for the faint of heart. They put the goods out in barely-sorted industrial bins and it's all sold by the pound. When they roll out a new bin, people flock in like carrion animals. We ignore the bins, or more accurately I forbid the boys to touch anything fabric there and we even ignore the (vaguely smelly) books. Despite my germophobic tendencies, we have found several bookcases and kid's toys there and it's always a steal. We stick to things that can be Clorox wiped. I thought of a trip out there as soon as I realized I want a dollhouse to fancy up.

As seems to happen when your standards are low, we found exactly what we wanted! A big huge garish KidKraft dollhouse complete with real moving elevator. In its current condition it looks like a fire station, but I plan to wallpaper the guts out of it. It was a grand total of $5 and sells new for about $175 at Costco, so it's no great loss if we fail to get it going.

We also got a ride-in car thing and a small sized red trike in great condition. The total bill was $23. I told you it was a steal. Dig 'n Save, we love you and your smelly truly flea-bitten self.

If we get anywhere with re-decorating it and making cool things, we will post here! Leave a comment if you have ideas, or tell me on facebook. I'm not a fan of super fru-fru things, but I like stuff that looks old. I love artsy things and since Primrose loves paintings I think we'll put in a mini gallery on the top floor. Imagine a rotating collection of tiny versions of famous works in varying styles as we study them in homeschool. Groovy, if it actually happens, right?

(Kids and library books not included.)

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