Friday, October 03, 2014

The Days Are Just Packed (apologies to Watterson)

How quickly do kids recover from awful days?

Really really quickly.

After that nasty morning, she napped a bit and then was bundled into the car to go to Toby's piano lesson. She adores the piano and wants to do whatever the boys are doing. This makes it nearly impossible to keep her away from it during the lesson, and she does these insane little dances behind the upright's soundboard. She's a noisy clapping distraction machine for most of the lesson. I keep hoping it will end up being good for Toby to learn to focus through it anyway. Thank goodness his teacher is so patient.
In this game, I pretended to tickle her at each chair. 
On the way home from the lesson, she uncharacteristically fell asleep again. It gave me time to snap my new favorite pictures.
Tucking her head into my neck is one of the best things all day.
Maybe all year.

After that we took her to meet her daddy's parents, in town from Montana. An excellent judge of character with a keen eye for kindred spirits, she of course took to them immediately.

Who doesn't love a cup of ranch dressing shared with a toddler who likes to eat with her fingers? 
We've decided to try to convince the pediatrician to modify the test orders so they can take the rest of their pint of blood when she's already sedated for the MRI. There are definitely benefits to having a fantastic doctor for a Grandpa. Like every night for the past few weeks, she went to bed with a smile on her face after collecting her kisses. That's another thing it would be great to have rub off on me. Good night!

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