Sunday, April 17, 2005

Stuck bunnies...

stuck bunnies Posted by Hello
Here's our little refugee stuck bunnies. Jonathan found them this afternoon mowing- they had somehow jumped into the window well and couldn't get out. We left them alone for a bit, then took their pictures without their permission, lifted them out, (then removed one from the garage) and watched them run into various spots.

Honestly, and don't nobody throw nothin, I was tempted to adopt the little one (in the back in this pic), but then I looked online and it turns out it's a bad idea. Wild rabbits will actually struggle so hard they'll break their backs to get away from people as they get older.

Plus, I had a rabbit once and it was a bad deal. He peed on my lap and thought all fingers were carrots. Not good.
Here's gardening project number one: and it's our front yard. It's been a wreck all winter (one great thing about snow) and now I'm feeling like we're the "bad" house on the block.

And here, for all to see, is our backyard garden. Our future backyard garden. The raspberries made it!! There are pansies waiting to go in the box around the edge. Next come tomatoes, lettuce, and peas. Do you know how hard it is to get pieces of wood to line up? and then to pound nails in? doh. Gotta get some of those plate-thingies that will connect two pieces of lumber in a row.

Here's J's gardening face:

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