Friday, April 29, 2005

Happy Friday Recital Day!

Viola up. Posted by Hello

Here's hoping for a great night. Eli (the pianist) and I feel ready. We had an absolutely terrible time in class on Wednesday. I chalk it up to me being sick & him worrying about his Oral Exams, which were just an hour after class.

The next day our rehearsal was like two different people. People who get along and actually listen to one another. People who want to hear what the viola is doing over the ridiculously loud & busy piano part. Don't worry, it's not like Eli hasn't heard this stuff before. He's a Rumanian Israeli; he can deal. I am so jealous that he's DONE! Dr. Eli.

I love Sally (viola prof), I like Madison, I like our house. I like playing recitals. {TONIGHT, 6pm, THE UNITARIAN PLACE} I don't like thinking about these final hoops to jump- but I know I'm being a wussy.

What I really want is to know that I'll get a job I like in the part of the country I want, and that this piece of very expensive wallpaper will have been worth it. If they can guarantee that, then I can handle studying the minute details of obscure & crappy composers (Meyerbeer, anyone?).

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