Wednesday, September 07, 2005

20 weeks, 6 days.

What a day. The ultrasound technician, she should get a medal and a lollipop.

She was in all black scrubs, which if I were forced to wear those things is what I'd like. Looked classy instead of ineffectually juvenile. She was on time, too- a treasured and rare trait at Dean Health, Madison.

After dimming the lights and getting me ready (blessings on the inventor of the gel-warming machine) she took lots of looks at our kid. Started with placenta, cervix, then out of the schmudgie grey a big black pool emerged with feet in it! Feet! and legs! and a penis! A BOY!

We got to see all sorts of parts- heart parts, spine sections, brain globs. When she focused on the upper lip for a while (checking for cleft palate) he put his hand near his mouth and sucked on the index finger. Show off.

Once when he was moving a leg on the screen I could feel one of those little vague poking sensations that have happily come more and more often lately.

Dude, a boy! I need more books.

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