Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hi ho, hi ho, it's back to work he goes....

We were on the internet lounging around pretty much in jammies all day yesterday. Normally that would have driven me nuts by then end of the day and I would have been blowing fire out my nostrils at J for no reason, but yesterday it seemed to make sense. We did go for a nice long walk in the evening.

Which reminds me, what is with my bladder? It was shrieking the whole time we were out there, then I get home and it's like, "oh- nevermind. Pass the ice cream." (bladder, stomach, whatever) Preparing me for a toddler already?
Finishing novels is always a little sad, like waking up from a pleasant dream. I recommend the Time Traveler's Wife as a sweetly romantic book with just enough grit and pain to keep it grounded. I hope Audrey Niffenegger writes more soon. What a last name, eh?
Today I'm mostly just waiting for tomorrow. We have an ultrasound at 1:30 and plan to discern the baby's sex. How nice to stop using the word "it".
I went to school and rounded up info on testing and dissertating and every professor I spoke with was kind and accomodating. For all the complaining I do and indignation I feel toward the administration at this school, the professors have been nothing but inspiring. Hope I grow up to be like them.

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