Thursday, September 01, 2005

Change: Rilke's "Will Transformation"

Will transformation.
Oh, be inspired for the flame.
In which a thing disappears
and bursts into something else.
The spirit of re-creation
which masters this earthly form
Loves most the pivoting point
where you are no longer yourself.

What tightens into survival
is already inert;
How safe is it really in its inconspicuous gray?


There's more, but I like that bit. I love Rilke. Transforming's going on: Moving, Babing, Gradu(maybe)ating... also, I cut my hair.

Here's my 8 week picture, taken in June.

And here's my 20 week, taken last night.
The pants are buttoned with the assistance of a rubberband. The shoes killed, and I was sucking it in for all I'm worth- maybe that's why I forgot to smile.

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