Friday, April 27, 2007

Bravo, 3rd Angle!

Okay, I'm really tired but I think everyone on the internet should run out right now and buy Sherman Alexie's new book Flight. I went to an excellent Third Angle Music concert tonight because my stand partner was playing and Alexie was narrating & reading, which was a pleasant surprise.

His reading almost made me cry, and I'm not a cryer. I was caught that way by another story of his on NPR in my car about a year ago, and sat listening for a long while in the driveway until it ended.

I love when you're not sure you feel up to going to something, but then do, and love it and your faith in the state of the arts is renewed. It is very unusual that poetry set to music does it for me, but tonight it really really did. The settings were effective, the words sublime and the performances did everything justice.

Gotta go to sleep now to do my private-public battle with Stravinsky & Lutoslawski in the morning.

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