Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thinking Blogger Awards

Jippy the Jabster, I thank you for this Blog Award (okay it's really just a tag, but whatever, I do what I waaant). Who doesn't LOVE an award?!
You have flattered me this week in so many ways, my friend. Zach's my hero.

In order to properly claim my prize and glory, I have to write up five bloggers who make me think and "tag" them. This is hard for several reasons:
A. The internet is most often my guilty brain-candy pleasure, a realm in which deep thoughts are but a byproduct.
2. Tagging people makes me nervous. It's like asking to sit at the cool girls table at lunch. I don't expect or need responses per se, but I hate to be a bother. (What am I, everyone's ninety year old granny?)
III. By writing this, I am revealing yet another incredibly personal layer of myself out here on the internet for anyone to... oh wait, don't care about that. Let's go!

Number One.

I love to read Strobist. Written by Baltimore Sun photographer David Hobby, this is a really beautiful blog. He teaches photographers how to use cheap off-camera lighting (a flash set to the side of the camera) by writing tutorials, pointing out great photos and, my FAVorite, he posts pictures and asks his readers to figure out how he lit them. There's also a very active Flickr photo group, which he calls the Grad Students of Strobism and recommends to anyone wanting to post a question. This blog has definitely helped me better follow some of Jonathan's technical conversations.

Number Two.
Becoming a mom made me wonder how much style I would be able to have in my life. New parents can tell you: anything unique and well-designed for life with kids is a bazillion and half dollars. I hate the plastic pastel world of mainstream kidstuff (we can pick apart my BoBoism later, 'kay?) and Gabrielle Blair's Design Mom site is anything but. Plus, while she doesn't accept advertising, she often does Random Giveaways for her readers- I've yet to win, but I have discovered some cool ideas anyway. She does have expensive taste, but as always I like to figure out how to make my own knock-offs. And if you're feeling like an extended dose of design blogs, check the folks in her impeccable sidebar.
Her sister Jordan's Oh Happy Day is another fave.

Number Three.
The group of writers over at Adoption Blogs have given me a lot of food for thought this year. In case you actually click over there I will warn you that while there are some gems, not all of them are happy reads. I've learned that I am not cut out for foster-to-adopt, nor does open adoption appeal to me. My favorite authors are Owlhaven of the Ethiopia Blog, and Faith Allen from the Hoping to Adopt section. As we get closer to an adoption and I figure out my own thoughts a bit, I will most likely blog about it here.

Number Four.

I bet I am more conservative than you. I know I'm more conservative than almost all the good blogs I've found, and watching the national news makes me insane with frustration. A post about that is percolating, but for now let's just say I'm a politically conservative, socially moderate, artistic sarcastic Christian who hates that parties have allied with religions. Let's also clarify that the previous sentence, while chock full of labels & codes, doesn't really help you know me any better. Buying me a Starbucks or a nice Syrah might- it's definitely worth a try. Anyway, the topics broached at Reason Magazine's blog and the way they write about them make me think. They are considered Libertarians. Whatev. I like the toned down spin which is nicely balanced with impassioned writing: a rare construction.

Number Five. ish.
Speaking of people I love to read despite the frequent attacks on my worldview/prudism/demographic, I would like to introduce you to two writers I just discovered this week. Color me behind the times.

Sweet Juniper's a peppy little blog written by a cheap ex-lawyer stay at home Dutch dude and his hip indie wife. Both enjoy cussing. They dress their girl like a rock star but buy it all at thrift stores, and is the name Juniper not completely stellar? (Shuddup- it's a tree not a shrub, J.) Check out their Sweet Juniper Tunes in the bottom left sidebar for some excellent iTunes adventuring. I am waiting for their Alphabet Book to arrive and will let you know how I like it.
Like everyone born between 1960 and 1985, I like Dooce. I like Fussy even more- sometimes I worry that my addiction to commenting there further reveals the too-eager mouth-breathing cool girl wanna-be in me.
Then there are the violists- always excellent thinking bloggers.

And that is all. For now.

Whew! I think I'll pour myself a tall glass of DAILY VOTING after that post. Mmmmnnn.

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