Thursday, April 12, 2007


I am planning at least one "things are really looking up all the sudden after an unexpected slump I hadn't mentioned until now" post per month. In case you were wondering.

It is a windy gloomy day here. My response? Run away. We're going to check out the new frog-shaped sandbox at a certain residence in Aumsville. The proud owners had to fight to get that puppy- let's just say the words "floor model" mean nothing when a grandToby is involved, and the Fred Meyer store manager didn't stand a chance. Somehow it pleases me that a Frog thing came from Freddy's. Freddy the Frog-box. Fredster the sandman. Hmmm, neads tweaking.

A few things to note about this picture.
1. Being held by Grandma, looking at mom "WHO???"
2. Crocodile tears turned on the instant he realized people he knew were there to pick him up at the church nursery. Irrational? Maybe. Also cried when being left, for exactly two breaths.
3. Stole a red shaker toy. From babies. At church. On Easter.

So, with a quick stop for a baby hazmat sandproof suit and a shop-vac, we're off!

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