Friday, January 28, 2005

And really, why not?

I have a new student, a retired man who looks like he must have run some yuppy enterprise. He wears pseudo-camping preppy wear at all times- you know, those suede-looking shoes with no laces, very Seattle. But here's the thing, he lives in a small town north of Madison and plays the violin.

That's what he wants from life now, as a fit and wealthy man in his 60's. So he bought himself a violin. $90,000 of violin. And 3 nice bows.

Man cannot play a scale and end on the same pitch he starts with, but he's got this instrument...

My friend said he's the definition of irony worked out in the musical world. If you're a musician you don't make the money to get a great instrument without mortgaging something, and if you've put your life into making money you don't have time to be a great musician.

Well, at least I'll get to use it sometimes to demonstrate while teaching him. Gonna need that drool-guard.

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