Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Hey- you found us!

J's at work and I'm home thinking about all our relatives far away on the west-er side of the continent. I realized that Mom has no blog to visit and that's just wrong. So we better make one right here.

Today's for practicing on the new viola I'm trying out and getting ready for the audition in 3 weeks. Getting ready for an audition is an interesting process. You have to go very slowly and take care with every detail while not at any time freaking out. My big temptation lately has been testing myself by just giving an excerpt a play-through at performance tempo instead of keeping my wits and patience at hand. If you have met me, then you may snicker at the concept of 'me' and 'patience'.

Last night J worked all evening pretty much and I practiced, except when I went in the basement to play with my new toy. I got me a bike trainer. The back tire of my very own bike turns a little wheely thing on a frame and there it is- me pedaling away while reading magazines and watching reruns. Why is it it seems stranger to go nowhere on my bike than on a treadmill? Anyway, someday there might be no little pooch around my knees... hmmm muscled knees. Nothin' better.

More forthcoming. That new viola needs some playing, and I get tense if I don't get to practicing before noon.

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