Friday, January 28, 2005

Joan of Arc in the Garden: J.B. LePage

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Jules Bastien-LePage: Joan of Arc in the Garden, 1880.

This is my favorite painting. You can't tell by looking here, but it's huge- more than 6 feet square, and it hangs in the MET in NY. The first time I saw it my parents were visiting me- same trip we took a great pic of us all on the World Trade Center roof. It had an incredible view.

You also can't really see the details all squished online- there are three "voices", the saints of Donremy in the trees behind and above her. In real life, they are gilt and shimmer- at first it looks like it might just be the sky or light through the trees, and even when you know they're there you can only look at them for a bit because of her.

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