Saturday, March 26, 2005

Good Friday

Yesterday I played an annual Good Friday service at another E-V free church. It was a combo-service including 3 (I think) other area churches. I have to say, the music... wasn't my cup of wine. There were a few moments, but overall- WAYYYY too much windchime/ key change/ schmaltz songs for me.

There's that one song where I feel like I'm swearing:
Lord have mercy,
Christ have mercy.

Sorry to admit, it's slow and boring and I keep putting exclamations in my mind after 'Lord' and 'Christ'. Just can't get with that song- don't worry though, in the service I concentrate on playing a run or something harmonically fancy there so I won't think that way.

The main speaker yesterday was great. He spoke about the events of the crucifixion and went through them slowly, trying to let us imagine what the day was really about. His style was much more gospel than our current church & I liked it alot.

In thinking about the crucifixion I get as far as the hands, and that's all I can do. That is horrible enough- imagining past it, to the crown, the scourge- some little heretic part of me thinks, did they really? Did he really? But the hands, I believe.

Here's an article by Dr. Paul Brand and Phil Yancey. Dr. Brand is a world-renowned hand surgeon who also treated and made lives for modern lepers (can't remember the kosher name for leprocy). Yancey just plain rocks and writes excellent stuff plus has a sort of afro going. It's a good article.

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