Tuesday, March 01, 2005

What was said...

J says he did not quite say that I could "use his money", and that it makes him sound bad. He said I could use the money he makes. Since he knows I'll make money and he'll spend it, too, then all's well. All clear? 'Kay. {Generosity and an urge to reassure are never bad things. I don't give a fig what I'm "supposed" to think as a modern woman.}

Here's some other funny things:::

My mom is one of the most creative linguists ever invented. Here's a little sampling of her work from last week alone:
At a used CD shop- "Do you have any...Nittly... Nitty grit...NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAG?"
"That Shania Twang does some good songs."
Out in the yard showing me her rhubarb- "I put some steer maneuver on it. Seems to help."
About cassette tapes she said- "they've sort of fallen out of flavor, haven't they?"

Now, lest she feel I'm being harsh on her I'll tell you, internet, that yesterday while talking to someone ON MY CELL PHONE I said I couldn't FIND MY CELL PHONE to get a number for them. Duh...uh...uhhhh. I covered really well (mmm hmmm) by saying, 'I mean I need my other cell to get that for you'. And there are many more... but we must pace ourselves, no?

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