Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Door County Extravaganza

Lovely lake- this is the pure sweet water of Egg Harbor. Ain't it purty? Jonathan whisked me up there right after the recital, and wouldn't say where we were headed. By the time we got there it was dark, which made for a lovely revealing in the morning.

Just like the honeymoon, he did it all- found it online, saved up, ordered the extra-super-romance-enhanced suite, WITH rose petals (that's a sight to see! Just like in those soap operas my friend Flo from Long Island liked to watch.) and flowers and whirlpools. Plus there was a bald eagle soaring by. Not sure how he arranged for that one.

So here they are, the ingredients for a fabulous weekend get-away. A spent recital skirt, cameras, zippy little honda, libations & lots of CDs. We favored Gillian Welch, David Crowder, Willie Nelson and Madonna.

Ready to frame. We found some incredible dilapidated buildings. I'm such a materialist- all I could see was all those old hinges and appliances rusting out and think "$$$$$$". In Montana, those places would have been picked clean by now. One old long building (worker housing?) was leaning back at least 4 feet and you could see under it, where there was standing water and wierd cement blocks and trolls. In one creepy room there was a light-pull hanging down tied like a noose.

Door county- created with Miriam's allergies in mind. But man, the non-lethal foods were AWESOME!

Husband of the year.

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