Saturday, July 09, 2005

Want a House? It has Tomatoes.

Due to recent developments, we are floating around in little clouds of wonder and anticipation. We are moving, sometime in the near future, to Portland!

It's sad to leave the people here. But we've got the city with a mountain right in the middle of it calling our names. Our plan is to rent or get a little condo-type thing right downtown for a little while, and pay off some student loans. Plus then maybe we can save up and get some land and build a cool place.

It has by no means sunk in yet. We'll be hiking! and fishing! and Nordstrom Racking! and living in a city with diversity, which recent conversations and life in Madison has brought me to be conscious of!

Right here in the Great Midwest, our garden is actually shaping up, no help from us. We've had almost two whole handfulls of raspberries (no smirking, mom), and there are little green cherry tomatoes shaping up as we speak...type.

Well, I can't seem to come up with much in the way of pithy tonight. Best to sign off, then. But wow! Things are changing- all of them at once.

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