Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The land of port. O ree gone.

Ooooh, it was so much decadence. We should live there.

We were plied with raspberries fresh on the bushes each morning in the sun, steaks the size of my head, barbeques. Birds woke us with their singing. (Is this sort of sounding like those ads for cruise ships? My parents could run a cruise ship.)

We hiked in to a cool old mining area called Opal Creek (Jawbone Flats- named because the miners wives had the gossiping bone) where insanely clear water cut a swath through stone and over little waterfalls and there were lots of great flat rocks for skipping.

Portland is neater than I had remembered. There are these little artsy districts and neighborhoods full of craftsman homes- all front porches, interior archways and big beamy rafters.

Here's my family posing kind of like Charlie's Angels.

And here's what the trees were like.

And finally... well, eat your heart out!

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