Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I am 34,0000000000 years old.

Minus the zeros.

So you know what God did to make me feel better? He made it so our good friends from back in Madison who've also moved to PDX could come over at the last minute for bbq brats, beer, wine and an embarrassingly large and sugar-sludgy cake from Cosco.

And then he put American Gladiator on TV. It was just like high school in Fairbanks, where we had only three stations. Two shut down at midnight and the third played back to back episodes of Matlock, Dr. Who and American Gladiator. It's like the free beer they give out on airlines- you'll take anything when it's all you can get.

If you watch an episode of this now, be sure to watch carefully when they scan the crowd- the fashion and hair alone are wellll worth your time and concentration.

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