Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My grapes, they are not (too) sour.

The other screw-over-ee from that audition is talking about union action, an exercise in futility likely to make the complainer fairly unpopular in a short span of time in a town this small. I hope s/he reconsiders.

Either the committee didn't hear much difference between the candidates or they heard it but didn't have the moral fiber to do anything about it. Neither scenario makes me want to work there, so I'm mostly over it now.

It probably helps that I don't need that job right this second. There are some possible changes in the JWards future, up to and including moving aGAIN. (Just when I was thinking about changing the ol'blog name...)

I am supposed to know myself well enough to be clear about my abilities and shortcomings without need of approval. But I like to win, and I like having a job. It stings to work hard, improve, and still fall short.

One unfair audition is bad luck- but twice in one year? Blech, no point in thinking too hard about it unless it makes me want to work harder. If only I could get J to run a hot little orchestra for me and my lackeys friends.

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