Monday, May 21, 2007

Totally kissing up to you.

I really am sorry about that blog blackout, and to prove it, I'm going to post more for a while and include a lot of pictures.
When Toby's sleepy he sucks his middle fingers and pulls on an ear. We've taught him a few baby signs because it's our duty as whatever yuppies of our generation are called. He signs milk, more, bird, no, plane and some mystery one that resembles the chopping motion fans of whatever baseball team that was with the un-PC Native American name used to do. Or else it looks obscene, a stunningly inappropriate (ergo pretty funny) possibility pointed out by everyone who has witnessed it. It even freaks me out when he delightedly grabs for the jewels during diaper changes, so I am hopefull we'll discover he's trying to imitate a conductor or perhaps a physicist writing formulae on some imaginary Nobel-winning chalk board.

Anyway, since we don't yet have a good pic of him demonstrating that mystery motion (just the SIGN, people) here he is requesting a nap.

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