Friday, November 02, 2007 which she comported herself impeccably.

What a day!

I spent the best part of it with a cool and seriously world-famous new friend. I met her on the internet and she is rad. You know her, but it would be so gauche to violate her privacy and brag about her true identity. Let's just call her Wonder Woman, shall we?

I am most proud of how I put my best personality traits on display with Fabulous Boisienne Wonder Woman.

A few, modest examples:
  • I showed her my carefree, delightfully spontaneous side. (I spilled on myself. Twice.)
  • I proved that I keep my incredible attention to detail from becoming tedious. (I forgot the title of the piece on which I based my final Doctoral Lecture Recital. From last year. And this after I brought it up.)
  • I demonstrated my consistency and determination. (I required a trip to the loo every hour on the hour, and more often when it became at all inconvenient.)
And now, I am exhausted. The opera performed tonight and it was my most how-many-pages-left playing yet, although the singers were fabulous and my true love was even there to hear it.

At some point this month there will be a post that counts, one that really hits the viola out of the parking lot. For now, this is all I got.


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