Friday, February 04, 2005

Best danged truffle recipe this side of the Mississippi...

The confection that made our
wedding worth dressing up for.

The truffles are:
1. one package oreos processed in a food processor until they are sandy in texture.

2. one square package cream cheese added to the oreos and mixed until it's smooth and thick like a heavy dough ( a mixer works best with a dough hook, but you could also do it by hand )

3. Chill this mix slightly for easier handling in the next step.
Take the big lump of dough and begin rolling about a tablespoon of it into little balls. Your hands will get gooey, but if you keep it chilled and wash your hands every once in a while it's not too bad. Stick the balls in the fridge for a while or the freezer briefly.

4. Melt some chocolate candy discs in the microwave until just smooth. (You can get them at Hobby Lobby in the bridal section if you want white- sometimes they're 50% off!)

5. Drop the chilled balls into the chocolate and take them back out with a spoon. I used a salad tong-thingy to take them off the spoon, tap off the extra and set them on waxed paper. If you put them back in the fridge or freezer, they harden quickly. I had mine in waxed-paper layers in gladware boxes in the freezer for a month before the wedding. That way, you can make them way ahead and not have to worry about them.
Optional: To make them look fancier you can drip another color of chocolate over them in stripes. That helps even out any irregularities that come from making them by hand and you can use your wedding colors- craft stores have chocolate in almost any color or you can use food coloring in the white kind.
You can also get different flavors of oreos- I've made them in mint and put a little bit of crushed peppermint disks on top. You just dip the finished chocolate-covered truffle in a little bit of melted chocolate and then dip them in the peppermints. You could use that method to put colored sugar or any kind of sprinkles on them. You can add cinnamon or other flavors to the chocolate, too.

Go wild!


  1. Now, you realize that we are _east_ of the Mississippi. So what's the best _west_ of the Ole' Miss?

  2. Um...

    more truffles!!

  3. I'll bet a nice minty oreo would be good too, especially around Christmas. I love making these, because people think you are AMAZING (and of course, you are, for making them) but they are less hard that the ABSOLUTE ADORATION OF YOU FOR MAKING THEM truly warrants, you know what I mean?


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