Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The list.

It's a really smart audition excerpt list. That was my first inroads to making myself comfortable in this experience. Like Sally says, they will know everything about your playing once they hear all of it.

The Beethoven, Mozart and Mendelssohn require control, finesse and style. The Strauss displays character and the ability to quickly switch from one mode of expression to another. The Shostakovich is really high and combined with the Berlioz and Brahms covers all different timbres and shades of sound. The Bartok is fun, and it's really short. I guess they want to know if you can play funny little rhythms and be expressive in that one.

I just got an e-mail with 44 other folks copied on it from the symphony regarding the audition. I know about 5 of them, all students of my previous teacher from Peabody and Aspen. I can honestly say I hope they all play well. To be able to play and feel I've done what I could... to feel my audition represented my ability... that would be an accomplishment.

I. Solo
1. 1st movement of Bartok, Hindemith (Der Schwanendreher), or Walton
(no more than 5 minutes)
2. Bach Suite No. 2 in D minor BWV 1008 - Prelude

II. Orchestral Repertoire
* Miraculous Mandarin 7 measures after 6 to 8

Beethoven Sym. No. 3 – mvt. 3 Beginning through measure 166 (2nd ending) w/repeat

Berlioz Roman Carnival 3 measures after 1 with C# pick up through 8 measures after 3

Brahms Sym. No. 2 – mvt. 1 20 measures before G (measure 204) through 1 measure after G (measure 224)
Sym. No. 2 – mvt. 4 G (measure 155) through I (measure 206)

Mendelssohn Midsummer Night's Dream – Scherzo Beginning (measure 17) through D
E (measure 115) through 15 measures after I (measure 220)

Mozart Sym. No. 35 – mvt.1 9 measures after A (measure 41) through B (measure 66)
Sym. No. 35 – mvt. 4 10 measures after D (measure 134) to E (measure 182)

Shostakovich* Sym. No. 5 – mvt. 1 15 to 17

Strauss Don Quixote 6 measures after 1 sehr ruhig through 2 measures before 4
1 measure before 6 to 5 measures before 13
4 measures before 59 (Var. 8) through 5 measures after 62 (tempo I)
69 through 4 measures after 71

III. Sight Reading
Sight Reading of orchestral literature not listed above may be requested
*Only Bartok and Shostakovich excerpts available upon request

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