Monday, February 07, 2005

Who are you? Posted by Hello
This is one of my favoritest Jonathan-shots. Can you tell how totally, "What are you doing, honey" I was?

We are sitting here together at home tonight on our own little laptops, the nuclear family of the future. One computer per person plus one purebred dog to be shared amongst the heads of the household.

On the TV mr. spock (from back in the day, not those new-fangled episodes) has just agonizered some errant crew member. If only orchestras came with one of those. I would have used it on one of the violists today, and I think I usually aim for friendliness. She's a nut, so I try to be nice, but holy cow! She's not even the principal but felt comfortable yelling stuff out in rehearsal.

Now that I'm elderly and mature and stuff, I realize that she looks dumber than those receiving her rebuke, but still. I wanted to give her the smack-down. She's lucky I was holding that new viola and it's not mine yet...

I'm tough- see the grafitti!

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