Saturday, February 19, 2005

I'm off to (not see because they're behind the screen) the wizards...

I've laundered every piece of cloth in the house, had the dog groomed and shaved my legs. I'm ready.

This has been so good for me- both my playing and my performance technique have gotten tighter (in the good way) over the last month. It will be nice for it to be done, though.

My parents are so sweet- they're driving an hour up to pick me up from the airport, take me out to dinner and then dropping me at the hotel which is only 6 blocks from the audition venue.

I hope to post while I'm out there because our bible study has been really interesting. We've been talking about exactly how Christians choose which verses are literal and which are contextual/ allegorical. Researching Mormonism has really given me a drive to define my own basis for my faith more concretely.

So... I'm off. More on that later, when I'm allowed to think of anything but my instrument.

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  1. Totally praying for you Miriam! You are amazing.


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