Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Happy 4th of July, Nordstrom's!

You know what's nice about Portland? Lots.

There are fancy hotels there. And it's not in the 90's with a million thousand percent humidity. And my parents live nearby and have to be nice to me now because of my delicate condition.

I'm SOOOOOOOO excited about going. And I didn't just hold down that "o" key- I exuberantly tapped out each and every perky one.

J says to me, he says, "Do you mind if we go to Nordstrom when we get there?" Guess I'll just have to suffer through- I know you'll be praying for me. After all, Nordy's is only the best department store in the whole universe outside of those ones in Japan that had groceries in the basement with vendors standing by like we have for make-up. They so know how to live. But Nordy's, it's not too shabby.

Mom's got a steak from their most recent batch of bovines thawing for us. (for J, natch.)

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