Sunday, August 21, 2005

Soliciting advice...HELP!

Yesterday was a very long, intense day for me. I played a wedding ceremony and two receptions with my quartet, which was fun but also physically very tiring. We sat on glorified folding chairs with a little bit of padding, and since I'm the "manager", I carry the music bag, etc- they all help once I get there, tho.

Now that I'm just starting to "show" (18 weeks= 5.5 months!) I notice that sitting in one position for too long starts to make me uncomfortable. When I stood up for breaks, I could really feel the blood move back down toward my feet, all tingly. Changing posture in the chair didn't seem to make much difference.

By the time I got home, around 9pm, all I wanted was some dinner and to have hubby rub my feet. (I am soooo spoiled.) Right about then, however, my legs decided to start going NUTS.

It was like the thigh muscles were almost cramping-tense, but also wanted to be tensed up and stretched at the same time. Even when I laid down to sleep, they were bugging me and I had to keep fidgeting until I finally fell asleep. (pity the man who had to sleep next to me.)

I drank tons of water all day, we take breaks once an hour, and I've been taking my vitamins. I even ate a banana at lunch (potassium?)
Any advice?

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