Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sunday in the sticks.

Did you know that there's a little shop on Rural Route 1 that sells only popcorn? I didn't, but J did and he has had it in mind to take me there for more than a year. Today we were out for a Sunday drive and he did it!

It sells only popcorn, and all different flavors. Popcorn! is one of my favorite things ever. We bought sour cream cheddar popcorn and something called RC Snakle- it's got raspberry flavored white light coating stuff and cranberries in it. It was goooood. Then we went next door to a little cheese factory and bought J some fresh blue cheese.

We checked out the Mustard Museum and J bought some good stuff with Habenero in it.

We then rounded out our little adventure by stopping in Mount Horeb. And (this is big) J went in several antique stores with me. He was actually into the little metal fans, the opthamometer, the $12,000 roll top desk. The best discovery of the whole day was that the hideous sticky grease pool Schubert's restaurant has closed and been replaced by our favorite little Blue Sky Cafe. It used to be stuffed into a little shop 2 doors down from Schuberts, and now they've got room for all their cool art and groovy pictures. Highly recommend!

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