Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tuesday morning.

The weather has shifted and I feel about a billion times better. Too bad there had to be a tornado involved in the exchange. Our friend Phoebe and her family were there and saw kayaks flying across the windows. It's sad that the Stoughton Country Club, where I played the Willy Wonka song for a wedding earlier this summer, is no longer.

I'm getting into the audition preparation. I've decided that for these auditions, I'm going to not worry too much about the actual performance days. I'd like to enjoy the process more. And I feel like, hey- I'm having a kid. Anything I do this year in addition to that is... well, in addition to that.

I love our house all cleaned out and more sparse like this. The amount of stuff in my music room shrunk by half, and it's so much nicer now. It doesn't seem coincidental that the weather is good for open windows now, too- clear rooms, clean air. It's good stuff.

By the way, that arm 'n hammer powder stuff you put on the carpet before vacuuming is grody. It still smells like a pediatric ward in here, and I've had the windows open for two days. Maybe I'll try vacuuming again. Oh, the toil. The toil!

ps. I keep having these dreams where I can see the baby moving in my stomach. It's like I'm silly putty- the baby's facial features and everything are visible, and I can put my hands around just about the whole thing. I swear it's not as gross in the dreams as it sounds here.

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