Sunday, July 09, 2006

And POW!

Suddenly it's been a whole week. Rachael is married! Mrs. Tim had a magazine-worthy wedding. I got to wear a dress designed by her brideship (each bridesmaid was different) and have my hair done up all curly funky wild. Her friends are such the zippy bunch. Lots of rockabilly; tattoos, pinup curls, vintage dresses and pomade.

Seattle is my kind of town. First of all there's tons of freaks, beer and coffee. Second, it's fabulously pretty. But then there's the traffic and the winter rain and the distance from babysitters who share a predominance of genetic markers with Tobias.

It's been a busy few months, good and bad melted and mixed and schmushed until it's a blur. There are friends who need prayer, and new ones making their way into our circles. Toby is charming and flirting and thoughtfully studying his way into hearts everywhere he goes.

Warning- repetitive rant ahead. He exploded out of his outfit and flooded our new car today in front of (seriously) Starbucks headquarters in Seattle. And did they have a damned changing table in their inconvenient-ass far away bathrooms for their enormous clientele of thirty-something parents??? Absolutely the hell not.

Later that day, we did indeed find a 'bucks with a changing table for which I thanked them profusely. They were the second one I have ever seen that did. Losers.

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