Monday, July 24, 2006

Return to Timberline

Home of The Shining!

Today it felt very un-creepy, though, seeing as it was 103 degrees and my parents were our friendly travelling companions. It was so wierd to get up there (11,249 ft at the summit, which we were just below) and have it still be blazing hot despite little lonesome patches of snow loitering about. There were even packs of teenaged snowboarders (part of a summer camp) juxtaposed with tanned & taut Tour de France-esque bicycle racers.

I forgot Toby's hat so we had to go about draping him with a rag- we could start our own cult.

I'm still a tad grumpy and crusty and grumbled at J (helped him with his driving, even) for part of the day. We picked up a sweet find from Craigslist (backpack stroller!) in Milwaukie but it took forEVER to get there.

Tonight when we were searching the realtor sites as always, we realized we could literally get twice the house for the money in the Milwaukie area. Twice the rooms, lot sizes, square feet, charm. So now I'll have to drive around to get a feel for it. All I know of it now is a small section of raunchola strip joints on the highway nearby. I've heard the main part of town is cool, and there are two big bike trails nearby so we'll have to check it out.

Here's an illustration in the difference in what you get and I'm not kidding. On the west side we are Clampits, on the east we're Daddy Warbucks.

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