Sunday, July 02, 2006


Yesterday we drove to Seattle for a bridal shower we had today. Rachael is excited to marry Tim. Brings back memories. I enjoyed the Wedding Year of chaos and doom, but it's nice to not worry about planning such an extravaganza. There's also something so intimate about marriage when you have progressed beyond the microscope of the familial forum.

On the drive up we were treated to the clearest views of Mt. Hood, St. Helens, Baker and Rainier I have ever witnessed. The whole Cascade Range was on display, a purply-blue border framing the higher frosted beauties. You should all come visit us here in the Northwest, people.

Every time we go up I-5, on the right side near the turn-off for St. Helens there is this wierd set of three copper monuments and I'm dying of curiousity about them. I just googled random combinations of words for about an hour and can't find any images or sites about them. Damn. The sign says something about the holocaust, Mother Teresa and the cosmodors? Comondors? Osmodors?

Obviously, not much to write tonight, but there's always tomorrow.

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