Monday, September 11, 2006

Candy from a Baby

First, go here and look at the pictures.
Then, maybe look at this article if you like.

The kids are amazing looking without that craptastic shiny-waxy effect she's using. What is that, the annoying-greeting-card filter on photoshop?

Ethically, I think she's a genius. She isn't hurting them. A lollipop?! Jeez louise, if these complainers are parents they realize the tyranny of childhood results in several of these meltdowns per week if not per day. It's part of the human condition. While it would be cruel to leave them in this state for any length of time or to induce it by damaging them for real, this ain't like that. I imagine they come away with a lollipop and a six-thousand dollar pic. The parents should be the ones bawling over that fee.

Hey, she could just offer to let them play with some flowers and then yank them away...
What did you think of it?

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