Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Things that went well...

Moving! Except how did I end up here, surrounded by tons (literally tons) of random crap I only vaguely remember wanting badly enough to buy which I must now find the energy to arrange fetchingly around the townhome? Is "townhome" more pretentious sounding than "townhouse"? I caught that from the realtor-speak we endured lo these 4 months.

Auditioning! It really did go well, didn't it? It's funny how you prepare and prepare for five little minutes and it's hard to even quantify how it went unless you totally screw it up. But I didn't. Screw it up, that is. They liked me, they really really liked me. More than the others? Who knows, bring me my martini. I'm playing for another one of them on Thursday evening and then the REAL audition is October 10th.

The Weather! It's 15 degrees warmer than usual in these here normally drippy parts. It makes me much much less grumpy (yes it DOES, Jonathan. **Smack!** I warned you not to sass me!!). It also makes the transition to our new terrarium easier since the view out all these windows is lovely. Nice of them to put in those maples whose leaves seem to ignite.

Toby's transition to Standing Baby(tm) and Cries When Told "NO!" Baby(tm) is complete.

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