Sunday, September 17, 2006

Six-Toothed Wonder

I thought of myself as incredibly clever, naming this picture "T-spoon and saucer". Aren't I a hoot?

We also put together his highchair booster seat dealy so he can learn to entertain himself while we eat. He is practicing tapping his baton on the tray to get the attention of the orchestra, which will really only happen in his first made-for TV movie: Classic- How Modern Classical Came to Dominate Pop Music back in 2007.

Portland is getting a new tram. Of course, it's practically free and will be incredibly practical for the average man on the street. We figure when he's really old- like, 30 or so- Toby will look back at this old timey picture and marvel at the simplicity of life back in the first decade of the second millenium.

That is all.

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