Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I slack. I'm a slacker.

Whew, excuse the long pauses all summer around here. Time has crept away and then taken off at a gallop somewhere out of sight.

I'm getting ready for auditions. Did you remember I play the viola? I had practically forgotten. The other day I was lamenting that it was turning into September without my permission and that that meant the symphony's sub auditions were coming around. The whining went something like this: ...and they're probably already passed and that guy I'm supposed to play for probably thinks I'm a total flake and I'll never play anything good here and my thighs are too fat. Then J went and looked it up and found that there are two Real Salaried Positions up for grabs and that made my bottom lip tremble and real tears flow.

So I'm buckling down, getting with it.

Right now Ein Heldenleben (German for "sucky long nosebleed-piercing high meandering passages that shouldn't be played when others are present") is kicking my butt. Really, as a serious, credentialed classical dork I am required to appreciate the whole Strauss/Wagner compendium. Blech. Even Mahler gets on my nerves. They come out with a great moment here and there, but it's like garage-sale, thrift store music. You have to go through a lot of the same old junk to get to the rare treasure.

So, we're running the Pints to Pasta 10k because beer and spaghetti are my friends. If you have a cattle prod, could you stop by on Sunday? I'm a tad (snort) undertrained.

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