Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Uh... Not that I know of?

Today was sucky.

I was asked if I am pregnant. By a woman. In a group of female church leaders. Granted, 5 of the 8 women there WERE actually pregnant and I guess maybe she was being funny but I don't know her at all and I felt like I had been slapped or perhaps had farted in front of all these ladies I don't know. It made me get all hot and red.

I also went to weight watchers and paid them to learn I have gained one pound despite paying them $80 and running a 10K on Sunday. I did NOT swear aloud= some kind of Godly brownie points, damnit.

Toby was a peach all day, though. He woke up from his nap smiling and when I put him on the floor he just looked up at me and laughed. Come to think of it, he often laughs when he catches sight of me... hmmm.

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