Wednesday, October 25, 2006

-2.85 ounces

Dad's 80 grams (roughly 2.85 oz) lighter tonight, and if you had a group of men in a line and said, "Everyone with a prostate take a step forward", you could then say, "Not so fast, Mike."

He's doing fine. He looked like we all do after general anesthesia; like we've pulled several all-nighters while subsisting on nothing but pork rinds and PBR. He looks like an athlete even when reclining atop a bed with wheels, though.

The results from the pathology tests will be back Friday and then we can really party. For some reason when Mom was describing how they make slices of frozen sections of lymph node and examine them I couldn't stop thinking of the ginger I keep in the freezer and the way it's slicable only until it thaws.

Not sure why this is green, but I thought it was the most interesting image on google.

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