Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Toothsome days

Last night we watched a recently graduated dentist get a tooth tattooed on her ankle on Inked, and I sniped that within five years she'd be a little over the career honeymoon. Jonathan was way more sympathetic and argued that she probably just really likes her job. I like my job (all 10 of them) but I can't imagine tattooing a body part on another body part. Although, wouldn't it be incredibly geek funny to tattoo an arm-bone over a leg-bone? Or for a violist to get a violin? HI-larious, life of the party stuff.

Speaking of teeth, Toby has 6 1/2 too many. Today he was having a snack and something in the angle was off and I sucked in my breath and he totally CRIED. But yesterday I was all but shouting NO in my best voice of doom as he tucked into my arm, shoulder, sweater... and he just blinked at me and kept on trucking. I think he bit me or my sweater at least 5 times, and there was just about nothing I could do. He's Winning, and he still hasn't even been out as long as he was in. Guess I shouldn't have Craigslisted that wireless dog collar last month...

This morning my saintly parents came up to watch Nibbler while I went to get my face fixed. My molar, specifically, had a cavity. I know. I'm a dirty girl and a floss fake. Why is it that your face feels enormous and full of hot sand while it's actually just damp and numb? Am I drooling?

I like this because it shows that Toby is possessed and also demonstrates Simon's favorite place. I can almost hear him snoring...

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