Saturday, June 30, 2007

NOT about adoption!

Look, we went to Santa Cruz! With the pelicans! And the boardwalk lights! Plus, the moon!

We had an eventimous week. We went to California and stayed in by far the coolest hotel I've seen. There were antique Brownie cameras in the Norwegian Blue/ Chocolate Brown lobby, and large swaths of velvet randomly hung all over the modern scandesign place. There was a Rubic's Cube to play with in our room, along with a really great selection of design magazines and nifty artwork framed in those huge-mat-thin-black-frames.

Because I so loved the decor and was more than a little dazzled by the attention to design, I spilled an entire caraffe of skim milk on the nicely appointed breakfast buffet table. It was okay because everyone there was interviewing with Silicon Valley, so they had been right there with me in awkwardston in one way or another for much of their geekster lives. The waitstaff didn't even blink, bless her heart.

When we got back from Cali, I went straight to Aumsville to help with Cowgate '07. There's this total heifer in heat, see, and my dad let me play around with big sharp spikes, welded wire panels and a hammer for a couple of days. We mended the fence, though come to think of it those exact materials might have been useful in convincing her to stay put by means of... persuasion, know what I mean? If she could build a memory to last more than the 3 seconds she has available, it! could! work!! (Young Frankenstein rulz.)

Here's that horny cow with my friend's baby.

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