Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You just might have something there....

Scene: Factory in China owned by a US toy company
Pan in to drab flourescent-lit offices where a tablefull of men is smoking over profit reports and warm cokes.

Chinese businessman #1, in Mandarin: Thank you for coming, Mr. Brown.
Translator: We thank you, Mr. Brown.
Brown: The thanks are all on this end, boys. We are very happy with our numbers, gentleman, and the focus groups are all over those new, more colorful Thomas the Train sets. What news do you have for us today?
Chinese Businessman confers for a minute with colleagues. One mentions to another how much money could be saved in shipment if the toys were only filled with a lighter fluid. Nods are exchanged and they gesture to the translator.
Translator: He says you should consider lighter fluid.
-Fade, swell music (Glory, glory halleluja?) & roll credits-

Seriously, how else did they come up with Kerosene as an appropriate filler for toys? Could be they needed to offset the weight of all that lead paint.

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