Thursday, June 14, 2007


I just had the most surreal experience. My pianist came over to rehearse for some upcoming gigs and of course, Toby refused to give up and succumb to his nap once he heard us. So I figure, I'll just let him play while we play, it'll expand his brain cells, I'll be mom of the year, right?

Yeah, you see where this is going, all you people with your overdeveloped senses of reason.

For the first few pieces he did alright, being generally cute and bopping from toy to toy on his own, scoping out the situation. Then he fell on a toy. Then he filled the room with such a stench I fully expected the air to turn shades of mustard. On our return from the diaper change he wanted an ice cube. And couldn't keep away from the piano. And was apparently starving right NOW. He was a tyrant, a cranky drooly tyrant with extra whining.

The only redeeming thing was that he was perfectly in sync with the music. Tragic opera aria? Yeah, mom, awwwawwwwwwww (cue nasal discharge) I feel that. Weltschmertz is the new baby blue.

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