Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm a joiner. (part II)

I'm doing Nabloadpsifhawerhe again! (So you will be pelted with the gem-like drops of jupiter that are my blog posts daily for the month of November. Joy? Joy.)

And I even joined a group. There were so many to choose from- from the potentially self-righteous (cloth diaperers, unschoolers, gardeners- you know the type) to the wacky (fat bloggers, bikes are fun, crazy cat people).

The group I joined? Because pregnant groups and mommy groups just didn't catch my fancy today? Cranky bloggers. But I'll try not to let it get too fussy in here. Get it?! Fussy started Naboad;sfkjkfjgha?! Hah! Maybe I should start an unfunny bloggers group...

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