Friday, October 05, 2007

Wrap up!

Today is J's last day at the firm.


He has two whole complete weeks off before beginning the new job, which you need know only two three things about.
1. 8am-5pm, baby. Unheard of, right? In law, a giant fairy tale!
2. More interesting work. That's pure speculation- will confirm or deny soon.
3. Locale is in MUCH cheaper area 45 minutes away. Four bedrooms any one?

We are packing up the kid, the kid's cars and trucks, the kid's bed and diapers and creams, the kid's treats and books, our own toothbrushes and maybe some fresh clothes, and heading to MONTANA on Wednesday.

I have an audition for a job that doesn't exist on Tuesday (the major arts organization who can't hire subs this year is having a sub audition), but otherwise we are unencumbered and ready to hit the road.


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